Sweet Valentine's Day Set


Sweet Valentine's Day Set

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Enjoy afternoon tea elegantly with sweet Sonny Angel this Valentine's Day♪
New Release:「Sweet Valentine's Day Set」

This special set, available only at the official Sonny Angel online store, is a perfect Valentine's Day gift. The set includes two "Afternoon Tea Series" and two "Valentine's Day Series 2020".

■Afternoon Tea Series

The "Afternoon Tea series" figures are gorgeously designed in pastel colors.
The series includes three types of cupcakes, cherry pudding, and herbal tea, plus one secret that will appear randomly.
The secret figure, "Happy Little Bear," is Sonny Angel's first "flocked" figure.
The fluffy fur is soft to the touch and adds to the charm of Sonny Angel.

◆ Package size:Approx.W50×H102×D45/mm

■Valentine's day series 2020

For Valentine’s Day, your “boyfriend,” Sonny Angel, is stylishly dressed. His collared shirt and bow tie give a gorgeous impression different from other angels in your collection.
The chocolate that is melting from his headgear and outfit is meant to imply, “you melt my heart”. Spend a sweet Valentine’s Day with Sonny Angel this year?

◆ Product weight:Approx.31~33g
◆ Product material:ATC-PVC
◆ Product size:Approx.H71~98/mm
◆ Package size:Approx.W48×H102×D43/mm

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Up to 3 Set.

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Sweet Valentine's Day Set

Sweet Valentine's Day Set

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