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Store Name

Sonny Angel Official Store

Managed By

Dreams USA, Inc.

Managing Director

Toru Soeya


Hattatsu Bldg. 2F, 3-14-3, Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo JAPAN






Please inquire using our CONTACT form.


Products Sold

Mini-figures and other items

Sales figures

All products are sold while supply lasts. We make every effort to keep inventory availability information up to date on the site. In the rare occurrence when product you ordered is out of stock, we will contact you by phone or e-mail.

Need to pay with the exception of goods

Delivery fees are charged for pay on delivery.

Order expiration date

Within 7 days. If payment is not received within 7 days of placing the order, the order will be cancelled.

Delivery time

After payment is confirmed, we will be shipped within 1-3 business days.

Warranty and Return Policy

Returning Products

If delivered item(s) is different from what you ordered, broken or stained, please contact us to resolve the issue. In some rare cases, e.g. limited editions, items may not be available for replacement. Please note that under certain circumstances however, products cannot be returned or replaced.

■Sonny Angel minifigure:If package has been opened, it cannot be returned or replaced. ■Other items:You can return or request replacement if you agree to pay the postage and service fees.

Refund Policy

When refunds are based on the customer's reason, only the "product price" will be refunded. Please note that shipping, wrapping, and other handling fees are not refundable.

Shipping cost for returned products

The customer is responsible for the shipping cost if the product was returned according to the customer’s convenience. However, if item exchange occurs due to defective product or incorrect delivery, our company will cover the shipping cost.

Regarding Defective Products

In case you recieve any defective product, we will check our stock and exchange it with a brand new or similar product.
If you find any defective products (damaged, dirty...etc.) when you receive your order, please contact us for the replacement or refund.
Please contact us by e-mail or phone within 7 days after the product arrival. Please understand that after this period, we cannot accept any requests for returning or exchanging products.

Canceling a product

If a customer cancels a product after it has been shipped for any reason (refusal to receive it, prolonged absence, etc.), we may take measures such as revocation of membership (i.e., no longer being able to use our online shop).

We accept returns and exchanges of defective products only for customers in Japan and in countries where we do not have an authorized distributor, as well as for customers who purchase from our online store.

We cannot accept requests from customers who:
Live in Japan, and have bought the item at other retail stores.
Overseas customers who buy at Sonny Angel Store, but live in a country which has an official distributor.

For customers who have bought Sonny Angel items any other retail stores, please inquire the store directly for refunds/replacements.

For overseas customers
If overseas customers buy products at Sonny Angel Store, the official distributor in their country cannot take responsibility for these products as they were not purchased through the distributor. We advise that you purchase Sonny Angel products directly from retail stores or distributors located in your country.

List of Sonny Angel international distributors here

About Payments

Payments requires credit card payments to process your order. Credit Card customers must enter their CVV (code on back of card) to complete a transaction. Bank transfer and Cash on Delivery can't use from outside of Japan.

Due Date for Order Payments

Credit Card : Please make the payment within 7 days after the order was made.