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Please read before contacting us.

・このアプリでSAポイントが貯まるのは、日本から出荷されるソニーエンジェルオフィシャルストア をご利用の方のみです。その他の国のオフィシャルストアをご利用の場合は、それぞれ対応するアプリがありますのでそちらをご利用ください。

・SA points are usually awarded for new register or eligible purchases at the SA Official Store two to three business days after register or shipment is completed. If you have not received your points after one week, please contact us with your order number.

・If you are already an SA Official Store member please register as a new App member using the same email address as you use to access the SA Official Store.
 If you registered different email address, please contact us via Contact Us giving us both email addresses and identifying the one you want to use. We will change your email address to the one you requested once we have verified your identity for both accounts.