Please confirm and agree with the terms and conditions hereafter set forth before using our site.

Our Website

  • Our website is the official online store of Sonny Angel operated by Dreams Inc.
  • Register as a member to enjoy various special offices. No entry fee and annual fee.

Member Registration

  • Please agree with these terms and conditions to register as a member.
  • No multiple registration with the same email address.
  • Duplicated registrations with the same address, phone no., and name of account holder will also be invalid even with different email addresses.
  • Users shall not use others’ email address, address, phone no., and name of account holders to duplicate registration. Users shall only possess one account. (No registration for friends or family)
    When account duplication is found, all accounts and points shall become invalid. Your understanding is appreciated.
  • We reserve the rights to terminate the membership when we found the user involve in bulky purchase for resales, purchase on behalf of others, or cause any disturbance to other users.

SA Points

  • Members can acquire SA Points in their purchase. Please refer to the product page for the SA points allocation. Be mindful that some items do not contain any SA Points.
  • SA Point shall be granted when the mail registered in our store is the same as the exclusive app.
  • Please check the details of SA Points in our exclusive app.
  • Please also check the details about the SA Point gift redemption.
  • SA Points cannot be used as discounts.
  • SA Points cannot be cashed out as money.

Member ID & Password

  • Specific registration information, such as member ID and password, shall only be used by the registered member.
  • Member ID and password shall not be transferred or rented to others. No change of identity.
  • Users are obliged to manage their own ID and password properly. We shall not be obliged to any damages due to unauthorized use by third parties or mistakes in the usage.
  • We shall not ask our members to disclose their ID or password except in the exclusive pages of our website.
    Users shall change their password swiftly in case of information leakage. We are not obliged to any damage.
  • Users may lose their rights to use our service when their ID or password are lost.

Registration Email

  • Registered email for the use of this service shall only be used by the member. No sharing of account/email is allowed.
  • We are going to re-issue ID and password to members who lost their information through the registered email address.
  • In addition, we are also going to respond to members’ enquiries though the registered email address.
  • Users shall update their record as if all possible for any changes in the email address. We are not obliged to any troubles if the purchased items cannot reach the users.

Change of Member Information

  • Members shall comply to the instructions on the “Change of Registration Content” on our exclusive webpage and complete all necessary procedures.
  • We are not obliged to any damages stemmed from delay in information update.

Membership Termination Procedures

  • Please contact our shop through email if you wish to terminate your membership. Please complete all termination procedures.

Prohibitions in the Usage of Our Website

  • In order to ensure comfortable and safety of the shopping on Sonny Angel online store, the followings are prohibited.
    1)Using others’ ID or password.
    2)Changing or falsifying the purchase details, purchase history, attainment of SA point, redemption history, or any other related information.
    3)Interfering the operation of this service.
    4)Providing false information that caused confusion or loss on any third parties.
    5)Duplicating, forwarding, or re-distributing images, data, information, or a part of the any of the preceding on our website in any format for any profitable or non-profitable purpose without a written consent from our operation office.
    6)Acts that are judged to be orders using computer programs for automatic purchases (so-called automatic purchase tools・Monitoring Tools or automatic purchase bots).
    7)In addition to the above, any other actions regarded as law violating.
  • We reserve the right to request for compensation for any damage caused by members.

Deletion of Member Registration

  • We reserve the rights to suspend the use of SA Point, membership rank and all services in our website, as well as terminate the membership with or without advance notice to the concerned member. In this case, all SA Point or member rank of the members are considered invalid.
  • When violating any items in this agreement.
  • When failed to update/change the registered record so that the address of the member remains unclear, and when we cannot contact/notify the concerned member.
  • When members lose their membership, no member rank nor SA Points can be restored.

Change of This Agreement

When necessary, we reserve the rights to change this agreement by stating the changes on the page with this agreement. We also reserve the rights to change or to terminate this service all based on our judgement.
When there are changes in this agreement and when the changes are shown on our website, the new version is valid and applicable instead of the old one. No objection shall be made.

The court of jurisdiction for all conflicts and court procedures arising with regards to this agreement shall be the Tokyo District Court.