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Sonny Angel’s Japanese Snacks

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New Release: “Sonny Angel’s Japanese Snacks”, a package of Japanese treats carefully selected by the Sonny Angel staff in Japan.

Japanese snack assortment packs will be available at the Sonny Angel Online Store. Whether you are a big fan of Japanese snacks or have never tasted before, this is your opportunity to try these delectable treats! Join Sonny Angel for an enjoyable taste of Japan.

Our selection team focuses on sweets/snacks that Japanese people love. Many of these line the shelves of Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores but are not so common overseas.

The snacks selected include chocolates, rice crackers and other delicious nibbles; all of which are very popular in Japan. Sonny Angel’s Japanese Snacks will be carefully packed and shipped directly to your home.

●Each edition of Sonny Angel’s Japanese Snacks will contain 10-15 different treats.
●The contents of the Snacks will change every month. Some variation in Snack packages may occur in mid-month depending on availability.

※Photos are for reference. Actual product may differ from the photo.
※We cannot customize Snacks based on consumer’s preference or allergies.
※Allergen information, written in English, will be enclosed with the snacks we ship. Please use caution.
※We currently do not have vegan or halal box options.

●Each Snack package will include 3 Sonny Angel (Regular series) mini figures.

Each month’s Snacks package will arrive in a decorated carton! Open the carton to reveal and enjoy your surprise snacks for the month♪ We hope that while eating your Japanese snacks you will get even more enjoyment from “sharing” them with the enclosed Sonny Angels.

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◆ Carton Size:Approx.W280×H120×D205/mm
◆ Carton Weight:Approx.900g

Please note that some orders may be adjusted or cancelled by us without any notice for one of the following reasons:

◆ Bulk purchase which appear to be for resale.
◆ Orders for too many pieces of one specific product.

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Sonny Angel’s Japanese Snacks

Sonny Angel’s Japanese Snacks

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