Gift Wrapping Bag Yellow & Green

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A new color is now available for the Sonny Angel gift wrapping bag,
which is only available at the official store!

A new color appears in the popular gift wrapping bag ♪
A cute gift wrapping bag inspired by Sonny Angel's iconic Rabbit.

■Gift Wrapping Bag Yellow
※Figure is not included.

■Gift Wrapping Bag Green
※Figure is not included.

You can put 3 to 4 Sonny Angel figure packages in gift bag,
so it's also recommended as a small gift.
It's perfect size bag to carry around, more than just a gift bag!
Lets send gift for your special!

◆Wrapping bag size:Approx.W200×H275/mm
※SA Point will not be granted for this product.

◆Sonny Angel Gift Wrapping Bag S Yellow:¥462 tax in (excl. tax¥420 )
◆Sonny Angel Gift Wrapping Bag S Green:¥462 tax in (excl. tax¥420)

※Gift Wrapping Bag is not sold individually. Please purchase together with other Sonny Angel products in store.
※Orders of Gift Wrapping Bag only will be canceled.
※Gift wrapping will not be done. Bag will be supplied together with other ordered items.
※Please note that orders like below may be adjusted or cancelled by us without any notice.
* Bulk purchase which is seemed like for resale.
* Order too many pieces of a specific product.
* Order by using a forwarding service agency.

Order Limit

Up to 2 each colors.

(*Please be aware that the orders with duplicated Accounts, names, address and phone numbers may be cancelled without prior notice.)

About SA Points

This item is not included in the SA Point program.

If you register as a new member of the SA App using the same email address as the login email address of this official online store, you will be able to accumulate SA Points in the App.Earn SA points for purchases at the Sonny Angel Official Store which you can redeem for wonderful prizes!
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