Gee -sorry angel- Series 2

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Gee is an angelic boy with wings on his back who transforms himself with various expressions and disguises.

Each looks different, but they are all the same person; Gee. Why is he called “Sorry Angel”? Because Gee loves playing tricks and he apologizes when scolded. He says "Sorry" so often, he has become known as Gee Sorry but we don’t think he is sincere. Still, no one can stay mad at him because of his charming personality.
Frankenstein, Robot... Series 2 includes many funny design of Gee! Gee -Sorry Angel- mini figure includes a secret version which appears randomly. Which one will you get?

Figures comes in a blind box and let's open the box to see what you get!
Total lineup of 12 different figures + Secret figures.
One assortment box contains 12 blind boxes.
(*The secret figures are distributed randomly and may not always be included in one assort box.)
Gee - Sorry Angel - Website for more updates on Gee’s Story!

◆Product size : Approx. W50×H75×D30/mm
◆Product material : ATBC-PVC
◆Package size : Approx. W55×H85×D48/mm
◆Package material : Paper / PET
◆1 Blind Box : ¥935 (excl. tax ¥850)
◆1 Assort Box (Contains 12 Blind Boxes) : ¥11,220 (excl. tax ¥10,200)
(*Figures are distributed randomly. Please note that this assort box may not include all figures in the series.)


If you purchase 4 or more "Sonny Angel Japanese Good Luck Series" , you will receive a "Sonny Angel drawstring bag" as a gift.
With a size that can hold exactly two blind boxes, it is recommended as a gift for loved ones. (* The photo is an image. Some parts may differ from the actual product.)

*Sonny Angel drawstring bag will be included for each account including 4 or more “Sonny Angel mini figure Japanese Good Luck Series”.
*Please note: For orders of large number or orders from the same customer, you may be asked to adjust or we might limit the number of Sonny Angel drawstring bag distribution.
*Please note: Sonny Angel drawstring bag distribution will end as soon as the stock ends.

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