Dreaming Christmas

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Christmas Pajama Party♪ Have a relaxing Christmas Eve at home with Sonny Angel.
New Release:『Sonny Angel Dreaming Christmas』!

Spend Christmas Eve relaxing with Sonny Angel ♪This year's theme is "Dreaming Pajama Party".
Bring even more warmth to your Christmas Eve with Sonny Angel who is wearing cute pajamas and waiting for Santa.

Each matching pajama set is adorable.
Some Sonny Angels have hot cocoa or a stuffed Robby.
Other Sonny Angels have fallen asleep while waiting for Santa.

Each figure conveys softness, like a dream in a package.
Sonny Angel Christmas figures are perfect for Stocking Stuffers.

■『Dreaming Christmas』 Line up

The Sheep has fallen asleep with a pillow. What do you think he’s dreaming about?

The Tapir wears striped pajamas.
He is sipping cocoa while he waits for Santa.

The Monkey is dressed as a reindeer. His PJs have balloon pants!

The Rabbit is too tired to wait for Santa and has fallen asleep. His Christmas-colored pajamas have a tree design.

The Fawn is characterized by big ears that pop out of his hat. He sleeps with a stuffed Robby.

The Owl’s nightgown has cute, star-shaped buttons. He seems to be waiting for Santa, pretending to be asleep.

Order Limit

Up to 2 Assort Boxes (24 Blind Boxes).

(*Please be aware that the orders with duplicated Accounts, names, address and phone numbers may be cancelled without prior notice.)

◆ Product weight:Approx.28~34g
◆ Product material:ATBC-PVC
◆ Product size:Approx. W26~42×H75~95×D24~34/mm
◆ Package size:Approx. W50×H102×D45/mm
◆ Assort Box size:Approx. W201×H107×D135/mm
◆1 Blind Box : ¥935 (excl. tax ¥850)
◆1 Assort Box (Contains 12 Blind Boxes) : ¥11,220(excl. tax ¥10,200 )
(*Please note that not all types may be available even when purchased in the assort box.)

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Dreaming Christmas

Dreaming Christmas

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ドリーミングクリスマス アソートボックス

ドリーミングクリスマス アソートボックス

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