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The third installment of the Sonny Angel Cherry Blossom series heralds the arrival of spring.
New Release : Sonny Angel Cherry Blossom Series -PEACEFUL SPRING EDITION-

Inspired by "Green Cherry Blossoms", this new series expresses the renewal of spring. The pale gradation of pink and green reminds us of the regrowth and reawakening of the season.
Sonny Angels’s understated colors enable him to blend in with the cherry blossoms creating a beautiful and soothing spring scene.

Like viewing springtime scenes in nature, just looking at this collection will bring you joy. We hope you will welcome the renewal of spring with this exciting new Sonny Angel series.
4 kinds + 2secrets

Packaged with cherry blossom petals dancing on the vivid green of the trees, even before you open the box you will be transported you into the beauty of the season.

■『Sonny Angel Cherry Blossom Series -PEACEFUL SPRING EDITION-』Line up

Both of the cat’s ears are accented with shades of cherry blossom and his head is covered with an abundance of large cherry blossom patterns.

Calico Cat
Both ears are accented with shades of cherry blossom color, and the head is covered with an abundance of large cherry blossom patterns.

The goat's horns resemble a branch of a cherry tree with plump blossoms in full bloom. This angel captures the beauty and wonder of a real cherry tree.

The peacock's feathers are made up of overlapping cherry blossom petals. This gives the appearance of a cherry blossom blizzard in the air.

Order Limit

Up to 2 Assort Boxes (24 Blind Boxes).

(*Please be aware that the orders with duplicated Accounts, names, address and phone numbers may be cancelled without prior notice.)

◆ Product weight:Approx.28~30g
◆ Product material:ATBC-PVC
◆ Product size:Approx. W40×H77~98×D25~36/mm
◆ Package size:Approx. W50×H102×D45/mm
◆ Assort Box size:Approx. W201×H107×D135/mm
◆1 Blind Box : ¥935 (excl. tax ¥850)
◆1 Assort Box (Contains 12 Blind Boxes) : ¥11,220(excl. tax ¥10,200 )
(*Please note that not all types may be available even when purchased in the assort box.)

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1 Blind Box

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Assortment Box (12 Blind Box)

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