Inspiration and dynamism/ Inspiration and Exploration | N845 Hitsuta Narumi

Inspiration and dynamism/ Inspiration and Exploration | N845 Hitsuta Narumi

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Inspiration and dynamism

Inspiration and Exploration

This angel's decoration is based on the theme of "auspicious Zodiac ornaments".
These are traditionally displayed at the new year.
The new year is a time when we imagine new beginnings, new ideas and new opportunities.
This design does not change color intensity as it is rotated... rather, it reflects the designers viewpoint at the time the decoration was created.
It also reminds the viewer of ceramic figures also traditional new year's icons.

【Creator Profile】

N845 Hitsuta Narumi

Born in 1992.
I began making accessories as a hobby, but this eventually got me into working with UV resin, which I used to start designing products such as smartphone cases.
In recent years, my designs have been mainly based on steampunk and post-apocalyptic genres.
I aim to create a setting in my works that emphasizes the variety of “colors” in worlds with a pervasive sense of futility and a melancholic nostalgia.

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