~Hatsu Mōde~ / Kagami-mochi | Ginga Tetsudo


~Hatsu Mōde~ / Kagami-mochi | Ginga Tetsudo

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~Hatsu Mōde~

Hatsumode is the Japanese tradition of visiting shrine or temple for the first time in the New Year.
In Japan, many people wear kimonos and go to Hatsumode on New Year's Day.
The kimono with calm colors for boys.
Sonny Angel in a celebratory mood with bright and gorgeous decorations on her head.
Please enjoy the sunny appearance of the rabbit, which is the main character of 2023.


Kagami-mochi is a two-tiered rice cake that is decorated to celebrate the New Year.
This is Sonny Angel with the image of a kagami-mochi fairy, a congratulatory food.
Plump cheeks that look like rice cakes, cute hands peeking out from the solid base of the rice cakes.
Please enjoy the simple yet beautiful figure that makes use of the white rabbit ears and decorates with colorful mandarin oranges and auspicious Mizuhiki.

【Creator Profile】

Ginga Tetsudo

“The paradox of making old things new”
Ginga Tetsudo is a miniature art sculptor who loves ruins, candle flames, and Ihatov.
They create a wide array of mini-sized pieces in the style of “chemical steampunk,” including mysterious science experiment equipment and specimens, magical crystals, and small accessories with a rusted aesthetic.
They are mainly active through online sales.

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