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Osechi is a traditional Japanese New Year's dish.
They come in an assortment of colorful dishes packed together in special boxes called “Jubako”, which means "overlapping good fortune.
Every dish of these traditional foods has a special meaning in welcoming the New Year.
The illustrations of Osechi dishes are scattered throughout the design, giving it a pop-up look.
My favorite part is the wings.
One of the famous Osechi dishes is "Kohaku Kamaboko" (red and white fish paste), which resembles the shape of Sonny Angel's wings, so I painted it the color of fish paste.
I hope you enjoy the festive Osechi pattern not only on the front, but also around and around.


"Sushi" is a representative Japanese food that is often eaten during celebratory occasions. Tuna, salmon, salmon roe, all sushi is delicious!
We have created a pop design with colorful and gorgeous sushi illustrations scattered throughout.
The most favorite part of the design is the feathers.
The wings represent the Japanese Bento Grass (We called Baran) that is often included in sushi bento. I hope you enjoy the festive sushi pattern.

【Creator Profile】


Illustrator/Small Articles Artist: chicu.
Born in Fukuoka, and a resident of Fukuoka.
2010 Artist name: chichu. Begins working as an artist under the name chicu.
2013 Started releasing works under the brand yura2chicu.
Continued to illustrate on a daily basis, putting works on display through independent exhibits and events.
My aim is to create an art style that’s not too sappy or too sic, and has the power to “light the heart”.

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