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Lucky Charm | ayano katayama

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Lucky Charm

The theme is Japanese New Year, so I made it with Japanese and tradition in mind.
In Japan, red is a happy color that is used for every celebration.
The pattern is a traditional Japanese pattern called "Ichimatsu-Moyo", and since the lattice pattern continues without interruption, it has a good meaning such as prosperity.
I designed such a checkered pattern in gorgeous gold.
On the back of the figure is a drawing of a crane, with the wish that good luck will come to you.
You can also enjoy the plump texture of the plum and pine parts, so I would be happy if you could see and touch them and love them to your heart's content.
I hope it will be a good luck charm for someone who has it!

【Creator Profile】

ayano katayama

Born in 1987.
She likes to draw inspiration from the natural, beautiful forms of nature in his works., and is currently absorbed in the unique shapes of “microorganisms”.
She likes to employ delicate, fine touches and vibrant shading using paints and pens to create works that include one-of-a-kind custom brooches.

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