• 2021.12.29

"Sonny Angel App" has been updated! SA point services are now available for overseas residents as well.

The "Sonny Angel App" released in September makes it possible to use the SA point service for overseas residents and switch languages within the app.

After the update, you will be able to switch between Japanese and English within the app, and customers who ship overseas at the Sonny Angel official Online Store will also be able to earn SA points. 
You can find the latest information on new releases and you can decorate your photos with the app's original stickers found in the “Collections” section.
Earn SA points for purchases at the Sonny Angel Official Store which you can redeem for wonderful prizes!
【SA Point Item】 ※As of December 2021

  |   | 100 SA Point Item Special Mini Figure
-New Year Card 2022-

We are now accepting applications for New Year's card 2022.
Next year’s Japanese zodiac will be Tiger.
Don't miss your chance to get a limited edition figure!
※For shipments within Japan, the earliest arrival date will be January 1.
※For overseas shipments, the earliest shipment date will be January 7 or later.
※Applications will be closed when all the stock has been sold.

| 100 SA Point Item Special Mini Figure -Crown Winner-  |   | 60 SA Point Item -Original Cup-
  | This is a special figure that can only be obtained by those who have achieved 100 SA points. His golden crown and big cloak are gorgeous! He has a Robby trophy in his hand.  |   | 
  | Make tea time is more fun! A cute cup with angel wings. You can choose from three versions : strawberry shortcake, tulip or sheep.
| 30 SA Point Item -Original Plate-  |   | 10 SA Point Item -Pin Badge-
  | A catch all dish designed by Sonny Angel and Robby Angel. It is perfect for keeping jewelry, coins or keys organized. You can choose from three versions: strawberry shortcake, tulip or sheep.  |   | 
  | A pin badge designed by Sonny Angel. You can attach it to your favorite pouch or hat and decorate it. You can choose from three versions : rabbit, panda, or toy poodle.