About Restock of HIPPERS Looking Back Series

Thank you for visiting our Sony Angel Online Store.

The product page for the "Sonny Angel HIPPERS Looking Back Series" is temporarily closed for RESALE.
The product page will be available at noon on June 11 (Tue.).

The product page is categorized in "Products" → "Mini Figure - Limited Series" from the TOP page.
Please note that the product page will not be available until the resale time.

【Resale Info】
Date:at noon on June 11 (Tue.)
Resale Product:Sonny Angel HIPPERS Looking Back Series

Order Limit
Up to 5 Blind Boxes.
※Please be aware that the orders with duplicated Accounts, names, address and phone numbers may be cancelled without prior notice.

About the cart system
According to our online store system, the product is not secured at the time the product is placed in the cart, but only once the order is placed and confirmed. The Hippers series is currently sold out immediately due to the flood of orders from all over the world.
Please note that you may have to wait for checkout (payment) at the time of purchase, but this is considered to be the time that the system is handling the order.
Therefore, we are unable to respond to inquiries such as "I added an item to the cart but could not purchase it".

Regarding the payment method of postal transfer and bank transfer
Please note that the payment method cannot be changed after purchase.

We appreciate your understanding.