You might meet a Shisa !? "Sonny Angel Terrace Thanks Campaign" to be held!

The Sonny Angel Terrace located on Ishigaki Island will close permanently on March 31, 2021. The Terrace has been closed since September 2020.

To express our gratitude to everyone who has shopped with us in Ishigaki, we are conducting a “Sonny Angel Terrace Thanks Campaign” at the Sonny Angel Online Store (Japan).

【Campaign details】

During the campaign period, if you purchase a target item from the Sonny Angel Online Store (Japan), the very popular Sonny Angel Terrace limited secret figure "Shisa" may appear randomly in your purchase.
Don't miss this valuable opportunity to receive a "Shisa" from the official online store.

【Target items for this campaign】

● Mini Figure - Regular Series

  • Animal series 1
  • Animal series 2
  • Animal series 3
  • Animal series 4
  • Sweets series
  • Fruit series
  • Vegetable series
  • Marine series
  • Flower series

【Campaign period】

First:For your order 1st April ,2021 ~ 30th April ,2021
Second:For your order 1st June ,2021 ~ 30th June ,2021
Third:For your order 1st August ,2021 ~ 31th August ,2021

* "Shisa" figures are randomly included. They are not always included.
* The rate of appearance of "Shisa" figures does not change depending on the time of your purchase or the number of your purchases.
* This campaign may end without notice.