Sonny Angel from the south!? Release of Sonny Angel exclusive products!

To celebrate the reopening of Sonny Angel’s remodeled online store, we are pleased to present the exclusive product from Sonny Angel Terrace (Ishigaki Island)!!

A set of Okinawa-exclusive items such as pineapple curry and a cute outdoor pouch- it’s all the Sonny Angel products you need for your nice lifestyle! 



Pineapple texture and Fruity taste makes you smile. This contains Pineapple Sonny Angel to limited Okinawa. Among 6 types + secrets, 1 type is randomly included.

Experience an early summer with six varieties of Pineapple Sonny Angel!!



『Sonny Angel Terrace Pouch L size』

The large pouch can be used as a purse or as a handbag- put everything in it- camera, wallet, phone chargers…it’s big enough. No worries.

A large pouch with a washed denim fabric- the design, the colors and the feel do bring you to Ishigaki. The more you use it, the better the style! (W290×H195mm)



『Sonny Angel Terrace Pouch M size』

Carrying pen-shape mascara and eyeliner. Besides cosmetics, you can also use it for digital devices or other small items. As it has gussets, the storage capacity is promising!

Two designs- popular mint color with a Southern beachside and a lovely but sophisticated pink one with a large, attention-drawing Shisa. (W90×H125mm)



『Sonny Angel Terrace Pouch S size』

A mini pouch like the size of your palm, also with Sonny Angel’s mini figure. It’s your chill-out partner as you can put your lip cream or coins in it. Two colors available- white (natural white) and pink; the white one comes with the open-mouth Shisa (male) and the pink one comes with the closed-mouth Shisa (female). Use them as pair, they are absolutely cute! (W90×H125mm)



『Sonny Angel Terrace Bath Towel』

Large size bath towel makes you feel like viting a summer beach.

Use it as a bath towel, or as a home blanket.

Two selections- a new design with the popular pineapple pattern. (W780×H1500mm)



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*Limited quantity. We apologize if they are sold out early!