Plush Collection -Cuddly Bear-

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The first Sonny Angel plush toy is now available. This first Sonny Angel plush is wearing a cute bear costume. New Release:「Sonny Angel Plush Collection -Cuddly Bear-」

Sonny Angel "Plush Collection" is now available. This first edition is Sonny Angel in a cute bear costume. The bear is about 26 cm tall. Its size makes it perfect for hugging or sitting on your lap. Each Sonny Angel plush has a refreshing and soft “angel scent”. He appeals to various senses – sight (cute), touch (soft) and smell (scent).

Sonny Angel Plush features a fluffy coat that is soft to the touch inviting you to pet it often. In both hands, Sonny Angel is holding a heart reading "hug me?" We think you will feel so much love that you will want to hug him.

The heart accessory and Sonny Angel's hands contain magnets so the heart can be removed. His jointed arms can move freely, so you can adjust him to different poses. What cute pose can you think of for Sonny Angel?

The buttons on his chest complete the design. We didn't forget Sonny Angel's trademark wings on his back. Combined with his round and fluffy tail, each Plush Collection back is also adorable.

■「Sonny Angel Plush Collection -Cuddly Bear-」Line up

White Bear

The combination of clean white and pastel pink is both innocent and cheery.

Brown Bear

A mature and loveable brown color brings a feeling of calm and easily coordinates with a variety of room décors.

Each Plush Collection figure is gift-boxed with a space dedicated to writing a message, making it a wonderful gift item. There is also a certificate card included on which you can write your name, the nickname of the plush toy and the date you received it.

「Sonny Angel Plush Collection -Cuddly Bear-」 will be released on the 13th April, 2023.
*As of now, the product is only available in the Asian region. We will inform you again when it will be released in countries and regions other than Asia.
※Please note : Release date and product specifications may be changed, postponed or canceled without notice.

◆ Product weight:Approx.496g
◆ Product material:Polyester, Magnet, PVC, EVA
◆ Product size:Approx.W230×H260×D190/mm
◆ Package size:Approx.W215×H285×D180/mm


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Up to 2 each.

(*Please be aware that the orders with duplicated Accounts, names, address and phone numbers may be cancelled without prior notice.)

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Plush Collection -Cuddly Bear- White

Plush Collection -Cuddly Bear- White

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Plush Collection -Cuddly Bear- Brown

Plush Collection -Cuddly Bear- Brown

SA Point 4

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