Color Garden

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Her use of colorful paints and pens produce a popping effect.
The subtly cute coral pink body is embossed with flowers drawn using a dot technique. The vivid colors are sure to brighten your room.

The gardener Sonny Angel is sowing seeds of plants gathered from all around the world.
If you carefully gaze at the patterns, what looks like a delicious-looking piece of fruit at first may appear like a rafflesia or even a cactus at another time. We hope you enjoy the mysterious garden with a adorable qualities and a wild side.


【Artist Profile】

ayano katayama
Born in 1987.
She likes to draw inspiration from the natural, beautiful forms of nature in his works., and is currently absorbed in the unique shapes of “microorganisms”. She likes to employ delicate, fine touches and vibrant shading using paints and pens to create works that include one-of-a-kind custom brooches.

「Sonny Angel Japan Creator's Exhibition 2020」 Special Page

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