Pink Chipmunk & Blue Chipmunk / "little shop" Fukushi Etsuko

Pink Chipmunk & Blue Chipmunk / "little shop" Fukushi Etsuko

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Pink Chipmunk & Blue Chipmunk

This is a chipmunk whose favorite wardrobe items include a cherry blossom and acorn T-shirt. He ventures out of the forest to brave different adventures, though he comes home scratched up and dirty every time. Nevertheless, every one of his experiences is a playful memory.
I found myself immediately drawn to the old teddy bears and dolls I came across at a toy museum in London—their aged and worn appearance seemed to be living proof of the affection they had received. This became an inspiration for me to create a figure with a rustic feel. Within the work, I have vested my hope that its cherubic face can brighten your mood when you get home each day, and that it gains a sense of depth and familiarity with each passing day.

【Artist Profile】

“little shop”

Graduated from the Graphic Design department of Tama Art University. A graduate of Palette Club School. Worked as a graphic designer for a clothing/general goods manufacturer. After working for 5 years as a designer at a general goods clothing store with an inventory that included general goods (cloth articles/stationery/kitchenware)/clothing/DM/packaging (general goods/snacks), he became a freelance illustrator/designer.
Handled project proposals of character-themed products, children’s clothing, stationery, cosmetic tools, various miscellaneous products, and other novelties at amusement parks and stores. Created illustrations for advertisements, books, magazines, online, and on TV.
2003-present: Started the brand “little shop” with original general goods. Released new animal-themed (most notably for squirrel designs) general goods every year and was recognized as a “Chipmunk Artist”. She also has experience in the sales of general goods at stores like LOFT, Tokyo Hands, Marui, Parco. Her products can be found in zoos and zoo cafes. She conducts the sales of her squirrel goods in collaboration with various corporations.
Her “Risu Cafe” is celebrating its 12th year and 10th event this year, and she also hosts various personal and group exhibits for her works.
2016: Released a book titled “Love Hōbukuro” (Tatsumi publication). 2016/2017: Conducted sales of toy figures at the Taipei Toy Festival

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