twin:No.R1 & twin:No.R2 / N845 Hitsuta Narumi

twin:No.R1 & twin:No.R2 / N845 Hitsuta Narumi

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twin:No.R1 & twin:No.R2

The journey of the small, part-mechanized twins could illustrate a story that takes place in a forgotten past, a far-off present, or perhaps even a distant future.
I tried to capture an adventurous spirit, a somewhat nostalgic feel, and steampunk elements in a design that I hope stirs the imagination of the viewer—conjuring a different story for every person. Personally speaking, I pictured a “never-ending journey of the mechanical twins through a post-apocalyptic future world” while working on the piece, and I worked meticulously on the finer details to give a lifelike quality to the piece.
“The two twins would laugh hand-in-hand until they rust, when they would lay to rest and become a part of the world they once traveled.”

【Artist Profile】

N845 Hitsuta Narumi

Born in 1992. I began making accessories as a hobby, but this eventually got me into working with UV resin, which I used to start designing products such as smartphone cases.
In recent years, my designs have been mainly based on steampunk and post-apocalyptic genres. I aim to create a setting in my works that emphasizes the variety of “colors” in worlds with a pervasive sense of futility and a melancholic nostalgia.

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