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Wonder Lepus(Rabbit) & Wonder Aries(Sheep)

This work is based on a motif of constellations.
You’ll find Usagi (the rabbit) and his partner Hitsuji-kun (the sheep) as they explore an illustration of space interspersed with geometrical patterns.
The work is almost like a 3-dimensional representation of my usual 2-dimensional works.
From Lepus to Aries, you can find faithful representations of various constellations.

【Artist Profile】


Graduated from the Scenography, Display and Fashion Design Department at Musashino Art University.
Fashioned art pieces which were displayed at exhibits in Paris, France.
Worked on produces more works of arts while taking a working holiday to Germany.
I like to use an analog medium to depict space and fictional cities in my illustrations.

「Sonny Angel Japan Creator’s Exhibition 2020」 Special Page

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