Sonny Angel Japan Creator's Exhibition Vol.2

The world's one artist collection, which collaborated with a total of 13 domestic artists, will be on sale exclusively at the Sonny Angel Online Store!

"Sonny Angel Japan Creator's Exhibition Vol.2" was held in August this year and was very popular.
This time, the second installment, a total of 13 domestic creators selected from a wide range of genres will appear under the theme of “TOKYO CITY POP”.
Each one of the figures is entirely handmade and the only of its kind in the world.
Works that embody “TOKYO CITY POP”, which combines analog expression and digital techniques, are gathered together. Please look forward to a new Sonny Angel that you have never seen before.

▼"Sonny Angel Japan Creator's Exhibition Vol.2" Sales Schedule

9th September, 2021 12:00pm~


※Sales of works will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that.
※Please do not enter to purchase so you can resell.
※Please be aware that all the pieces are handmade, and therefore may have slight smudges or scratches, which does not mean they are defective.
※The pieces do not come packaged in boxes.