Sonny Angel Easter "Egg Hunt"

Sonny Angel Easter "Egg Hunt"

Gotta catch them all! Easter original Picture!
Sonny Angel Easter "EGG HUNT"

1) 6 Easter eggs are hidden somewhere in Sonny Angel Official Online Store (JAPAN). Find them all!
2) Click the Easter egg, 1 letter will pop out from each. 6 letters will make 1 keyword.
3) Type in the correct keyword, you will get Sonny Angel Easter Original Picture!

More than 30 kinds of Sonny Angel Easter Original Picture available!
Pictures will be shown randomly. You can try many times as long as you use the correct keyword!
Challenge to collect them all & share with your friends!
Let's enjoy Easter with Sonny Angel!

SPECIAL PICTURE starting from April 1st!

You can get the "SPECIAL KEYWORD" by purchasing at Sonny Angel Official Online Store (Japan) during the campaign period.

Download also starts from April 1st, type in the SPECIAL KEYWORD at the campaign page.

Don't miss the Easter Special Design!

◆How to get the SPECIAL KEYWORD

campaign applies to...
All users who purchased more than 1 item at Sonny Angel Official Online Store(Japan) during the campaign period. Please make sure that you can receive the order confirmation mail.

campaign period: March1st~April10th

How to get the SPECIAL PICTURE

Type in the SPECIAL KEYWORD in the form at the campaign page. Download period is from April 1st to April 10th.