Let's try your luck of new year with Sonny Angel♪
"Sonny Angel New Year Lucky Number" event is decided to be held!

◆Event Contents

Buy one Sonny Angel mini figure and get one "Sonny Angel New Year Lucky Number" postcard! Only at Sonny Angel Online Store(Japan), Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki Island, and selected event held stores. (specific store list is shown below)
The lottery number is printed on the postcard, 200 winners will get "New Year Card (event ver.)" (not for sale) which comes with a once a year premium mini figure.
*It is different color version of SA point exchange item NEW YEAR CARD.
Users can also apply to "W Chance" by collecting 10 postcard sub-tickets (are on the corner of the postcard) .

◆Eligible products for this event

Sonny Angel Mini Figures

・Animal Series 1~4
・Vegetable Series
・Fruit Series
・Marine Series
・Flower Series
・Sweets Series
・Easter Series 2017
・Summer Vacation Series 2017
・Christmas Series 2017
・Valentine's Day Series 2018(Jan. 11,2018on sale)
・Sky Color Series
・Okinawa Series(Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki Island limited)

◆Purchase Bonus at Online Store(Japan)

For SA online store(Japan), by buying online limited "Sky Color Series", you can get 2 "New Year Lucy Number" postcards per piece.

◆Postcard Distribution Period

January 9th, 2018 ~ January 31st, 2018
* For SA online store(Japan), orders that are done during above period will be applied. *Adding to period written above, pre-orders for Valentine’s Day Series 2018 will be applied.
*The period of distribution will end after all postcards are handed out.
*Total amount of postcard being handed out will not be announced.

◆Prize Content

・New Year Card (event ver.) - 200 persons

<Prizes of W Chance>

・New Year Card (event ver.) - 1 person
・SA Valentine Series (2018) one assort box - 1person
・Clear files (SA point exchange item) set of five-kinds - 10 persons
・Cushions (sold only in Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki) - 3 persons
・Mini Towels (sold only in Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki) - 5 persons
* Winners of W chance cannot choose the design for cushions or mini towels.

◆Announce of Winners

February 1st, 2018
Winners will be announced on the event special web page.
For winners, please write requirements on the postcard and send the postcard with a stamp of given postage.

◆How to apply for W Chance

You can apply from after the announcement of winners above.
Cut off the sub-tickets from the corner of postcard and attach 10 of them along the dotted line frames (1 block for 2 sub-tickets).
Please write requirements on the postcard and send the postcard with a stamp of given postage.
Apply amount is unlimited as long as 10 sub tickets are attached on 1 postcard.

◆For foreign customers

Please put the postcard in an envelope and write your name, address, phone number, and mail address. Send it to address below.

Dreams Inc.
5F UNIZO Takadanobaba 4-chome Bldg. 4-39-7 Takadanobaba,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN (Post Code: 169-0075)

◆Where to Get the Postcard

[ Sonny Angel Online Store(Japan) ]
[ Sonny Angel Terrace Ishigaki ]

[ LOFT ]
Shibuya Store, Ginza Store, Tokyo Solamachi Store, Nagoya Store, Kyoto Store, Umeda Store, Namba Store, and Tenjin Store

[ Yamashiroya ]

*List of event held stores will be updated at any time. We will announce it on event web page.

◆Cautions from SA Online Store(Japan)

Orders of maximum 24 mini figures will be eligible.
If you order more than 24 mini figures in 1 order, we will ship out your order but for over limited amounts will not be eligible for this event.
Also, for the reason we want to make as many customers as possible to enjoy this event, please do not order again until your former order is shipped.
If we find more than 2 orders from the same customer, please notice that we may cancel from your 2nd or later order.

●Alternation, Discontinuance, Cancellation or Closing of this Event

Dreams Inc. is eligible to alter, discontinue or cancel all/a part of this event at anytime under our own circumstances. Please be aware that we will not bear full responsibility for any damage/disadvantages occurred due to the alternation, discontinuance, cancellation or closing of this event.


Q.I want to know how many postcards are left/handed out. (Online store(Japan))
A.Total amount of postcard being handed out will not be announced. About online store(Japan), we will announce after all postcards are handed out.
Q.I want to know how many postcards are left/handed out at stores. (Offline)
A.Please contact the store directly.
Q.I ordered online(Japan) but postcard wasn’t included.
A.Write your confirmation number and please contact (
Q.I ordered online(Japan) but it didn’t arrive by February 28th.
A.In the case of any reasons that has to do with customer side (Long-term absence, put on hold, forgot transaction, specified delivery day, etc), we will not be responsible about it.
Q.I want to apply to W chance, but lost the sub-tickets.
A.You cannot apply to W chance without 10 sub-tickets.
Q.I want to know who won the W chance.
A.There won't be any prior announcement for winners, prizes will be sent to winners after the event period.
Q.Is it possible to apply from oversea? Could you send the prize oversea?
A.Both are possible. Please check (For foreign customers) on this page.
Q.How much is a stamp of given postage?
A.Sending from Japan would be 62 yen.
Q.When would the prizes be sent?
A.We will send the prize after we check the applied postcard. The date of delivery will not be announced.
Q.The prize sent was damaged/defective product.
A.Basically, prize cannot be returned or replaced.

Please contact the mail address below for any questions about this event.

◆About New Year Card

The New Year Card comes with sonny angel mini figure attached. This mini figure is limited design and not for sale.
The New Year Card started from 2006, only for corporates. Now days, members of SA Online Store who collected 100 points are able to exchange to it every year.
*New Year Card for this event is different color version of SA point exchange item New year Card (2018).

●Privacy Policy

Your personal information will only be used for the lottery and sending out of party invites. Dreams Inc. will strictly manage the personal information received, and will not use it for any other purpose than mentioned. We will also not hold on to the information any longer than we need. Additionally, we will never share the information to a third party (except cases requested by law).
Purpose of Collecting Participants’ Personal Information We will use personal information (shipping address, phone number, name, and date of birth (to check if you are a minor or not)) in order to deliver prizes to winners.

Providing Personal Information to a Third Party

For the purpose mentioned in the previous paragraph, we may consign participants’ personal information to a third party. (e.g. Winner’s address will be given to the postal service to successfully deliver their prize). In this case, we will take responsibility for our actions when sharing personal information from our company directly to a third party.

Unauthorized Access to Personal Information

We will try our best to protect and manage personal information when operating this contest. However, please understand the risks involved with using the Internet before you participate in this contest.
In the possible case where a third party may leak and/or use personal information in an illegal and/or unauthorized manner, we will not bear any responsibility unless there is strong reason for us to be at fault.
For any other information about handling of personal information, please refer to our Privacy Policy.
( We may revise these guidelines according to the law revision or change of our business content.
When we revise the guidelines, we will announce to all participants on our website.

December 22nd, 2017.