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Store Name

Sonny Angel Store

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Dreams Inc.

Managing Director

Toru Soeya


5F UNIZO Takadanobaba 4-Chome Bldg. 4-39-7 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 169-0075 JAPAN






Please inquire using our CONTACT form.




Minifigures, etc.

Sales figures

The product is sold while stock lasts. If the product you ordered was out of stock, we will contact you by phone or e-mail.

Need to pay with the exception of goods

Delivery fees are charged for pay on delivery.

Order expiration date

Within 7 days.

Delivery time

Products will be dispatched within 5 working days after the order is made.

Payment Options (International Orders)

Pay Pal, credit card.

Warranty and Return Policy

Returning Products

If delivered item(s) was different from your order, or broken or stained, we will accept order returns/replacements. Please note that under certain circumstances however, products cannot be returned or replaced.

* Sonny Angel minifigure: If package has been opened, it cannot be returned or replaced.
* Other items: You can return or request replacement if you agree to pay the postage and service fees.

Shipping cost for returned products

The customer is responsible for the shipping cost if the product was returned according to the customer’s convenience. However, if item exchange occurs due to defective product or incorrect delivery, our company will cover the shipping cost.

Required Payments Other than the Product Cost

Shipping cost (see shipping cost chart here) is the customer’s responsibility as a general rule.

Due Date for Order Payments

Please make the payment within 7 days after the order was made. Your order will be cancelled if we couldn’t confirm the payment within the 7days.

Regarding Defective Products

In case you recieve any defective product, we will check our stock and exchange it with a brand new or similar product.
Please contact us by e-mail or phone within 7 days after the product arrival. Please understand that after this period, we cannot accept any requests for returning or exchanging products.
Our company will cover the shipping cost for product exchange.


If you find any defective products (damaged, dirty...etc.) when you receive your order,
please contact us for the replacement or refund.
However, we only accept customers who:
Live in Japan and bought the item at Sonny Angel Store.
Overseas customers who live in countries without an official distributor.

We cannot accept requests from customers who:
Live in Japan, and have bought the item at other retail stores.
Overseas customers who buy at Sonny Angel Store, but live in a country which has an official distributor.

For customers who have bought Sonny Angel items any other retail stores, please inquire the store directly for refunds/replacements.

For overseas customers
If overseas customers buy products at Sonny Angel Store, the official distributor in their country cannot take responsibility for these products as they were not purchased through the distributor.
We advise that you purchase Sonny Angel products directly from retail stores or distributors located in your country.
List of Sonny Angel international distributors here

Terms of Service

Please read this User policy carefully before using Sonny Angel Store.
If you start shopping at Sonny Angel Store, we will regard that you have agreed to the user policy.

About Sonny Angel Store
- Customers have to register membership to use Sonny Angel Store.
- Members can enjoy the service below;
* can exchange their Sonny Angel Point (hereinafter "SA Point") with presents.
* can check balance and history of SA Point.
* Any other service on Sonny Angel Store.
Sonny Angel store doesn’t allow single person to make multiple accounts by using different address,contact number,email address,and account name.
(includes making various accounts pretending to be friends or family member ) If we find any suspicious accounts,we will take actions immediately and delete the account (also the SA points).
Thank you for understanding.

Use of SA Point
- Customers can choose the present(s) on Sonny Angel Point page.
- If customers purchase the present with their SA Points, their points will be reduced corresponding to how much they spend from their total amount of SA points.
- Even though SA Point will be reduced, their Membership Rank will not change.
- SA Point will not be used for discount.
- SA Point will not be exchanged with money.

ID and Password
- Only a user himself/herself who registers personal information can use this website.
- It is not allowed to transfer or lease your his/her ID or password to someone else.
- It is not allowed to change the his/her name once registered.
- ID and password is kept by his/her own responsibility, and we will not bear full responsibility if fault or illegal use by someone else is happened.
- We never ask customers about their ID or password. If his/her personal information is leaked for some reason, we will not bear full responsibility about that.
- If customers forget their ID or password, they may not be allowed to use our website.

Email address registration
- Registered email address should not be shared with someone else.
- Registered email address will be used for reminder of ID and password if members forget them. Also we will reply to the registered email address if customers inquire from contact form.
- Registered email address should be managed by members theirselves and we will not bear full responsibility if some fault or leakage happened by someone else.
- If customers change or delete their registered email address, they should change their registered information as soon as possible.

Change of registered information
- Customers will follow the instruction on the "members registration" page and change their personal information.
- We will not bear full responsibility if some damage is happened by neglecting to change.

Prohibited matter
We prohibit the following act in order to provide smooth use for customer and keep SA Point in good condition.
1) Use of ID and password of someone else.
2) Forgery or alternation of adding SA Points, exchange record or any information related to our service.
3) Impedes the appropriate business operations.
4) Bringing disadvantage or confusing someone else by providing false information or any act like that.
5) Any other act against the law.
If some damage happens to us by customers, we can claim the damage against customers.

Cancellation of registration
If users fall under any of the following act, we may cancel his/her eligibility of being a member and right to use our website after or without any notification. In this case, his/her SA Point and membership rank will disappear.
- Users offends against this user policy.
- Users neglects the change procedure, and his/her location becomes unknown and we enable to contact him/her.
If users' registration is canceled and even register again with the same information, their SA Point and membership rank still disappears and never be restored.

Modification of user policy
We can modify this user policy anytime when we believe we need to do so.
This user policy may be modified without any notification.
And user will be regarded as they agreed with the modified policy if they continue being a member.

Governed law in Japan will be applied in this user policy.